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The right binders for low emission interior paints

Synthomer delivers high performance with an extended range of low VOC binders for interior paints that meet the industry’s increasingly demanding environmental standards without compromising on application properties or durability. [>>]
Our core range of acrylic and vinyl copolymer dispersions are low VOC, low-odour and APEO-free, compliant with the relevant eco-labels e.g. RAL UZ 102 “Blue Angel”. Synthomer is continuously pursuing to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing energy efficient production processes. The binders offer outstanding pigment binding capacity and enable cost and performance optimised formulations such as to reduce the amount of TiO2 without compromising hiding according to EN 13300 class 1 or 2.

Product Features

•  Broad range of acrylic and vinyl copolymer dispersions

•  High scrub resistance

•  APEO-free

•  Low-odour and low VOC

•  High durability

•  Products compliant with health and environmental regulations such as Blue Angel, Ecolabel, Nordic Swan



Product Overview

Plextol R 814
Acrylic dispersion for coalescent free wall paints with excellent wet adhesion and scrub resistance

Revacryl  AE 3826
Low-odour styrene acrylate for cost efficient paints without coalescent 

Axilat DS 2100
Universal low VOC styrene acrylate with excellent reactivity to associative thickeners 

Axilat L 3790
Robust styrene acrylate with excellent water resistance, binding power and ion stability

Emultex VV 665
Multipurpose  vinyl acetate copolymer for coalescent free high scrub interior paints 

Revacryl UltraGreen 1647
Styrene acrylic with excellent water resistance, high scrub resistance