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SYNTHOMER™ NX range - Coalescing agents for low-VOC paints and coatings

To achieve optimal film formation and thus improve coatings properties, an effective coalescing agent is needed. However, most coalescing agents are classified as VOC or show poor biodegradability therefore high boiling, biodegradable coalescing agents and plasticisers are gaining interest in the market. [>>]
We are proud to complement our broad range of environmentally friendly binders and additives for coatings, construction, textile, and adhesive applications with two state of the art coalescing agents. The SYNTHOMER™ NX 795 is one of the most versatile and well regarded coalescing agents in the coatings industry. SYNTHOMER™ NX 800 is designed for applications which need less volatile coalescing agents (e. g. vinylic copolymers or pigment preparations).
Both products have good compatibility to most polymer dispersions and lattices used in coatings applications.

Product Features

• High compatibility to most polymer dispersions

• Effective to achieve optimal film formation

• Non-hazardous

• Low flammability rating

• Biodegradable / Non-persistent

• Non VOC according to EU 204/42/ECLow VOC

Product Overview

NX 795 
2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol-isobutyrat, with boiling point 255 °C

NX 800 
1-isopropyl-2,2-dimethyltrimethylene diisobutyrate, with boiling point 282 °C