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Albester™ polyester resins for Powder Coating

Synthomer’s wide variety of Albester™ thermosetting polyester resins bring a broad range of key benefits to powder coating applications. They minimise VOCs, waste and overall environmental impacts, and can be applied efficiently in applications such as architectural, transportation, and heavy duty industrial. [>>]

With over 30 years of proven performance, Albester resins are the brand powder coaters turn to for quality, consistency and durability. The Albester resin range includes:

• carboxyl terminated polyester for hybrid resin systems used in indoor, pure polyesters applied in outdoor durable or superdurable systems, with a variety of curing options including TGIC, epoxy and TGIC-free solutions.

• hydroxyl terminated resins typically used in non-emissive polyester-urethane systems for special effects in architectural, antigraffiti and transportation applications.

Product Features

• Improved carbon footprint and energy efficiency by utilizing technologies such as lower-energy curing.

• Excellent cure response and good mechanical, chemical, and corrosion resistance properties.

• Outdoor applications for both high gloss and low gloss dry-blend with good weathering resistance, superior outdoor durability, excellent performance and consistency.

• Specific products designed for special effect solutions like dye sublimation effect and wrinkle textured.

Product Overview

AlbecorTM 1590
It reacts from 140 °C, in 93:7 ß-HAA ratio. It combines very good reactivity along with excellent weathering and blooming resistance. 

AlbecorTM 6171  
Curing starting from 160°C, in 93:7 ß-HAA ratio.  Superdurable designed to give a  considerably improved mechanical properties along with excellent flow compared to standard superdurable systems. 

AlbecorTM 4611  
TMA free designed for hybrid coatings in a 60/40 ratio. Curing cycles from 140° C. The resin offers good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and overall chemical resistance.

AlbecorTM 1571 
Curing starting from 150°C, in 95:5 ß-HAA ratio.  The resulting coatings exhibit excellent flow and yellowing resistance along with superior flexibility and blooming free

AlbesterTM SilkyMatt 6570/6930
Superdurable Architectural Low gloss dry blend in 93/7 and 97/3 ratio with ß-HAA – Designed for good flow and excellent storage stability which then enable its use for hot and humid geographical areas