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Greener Flooring Adhesives

EPA studies have shown that indoor pollutant levels can be two to five times higher outdoor. One source can be the usage of adhesives for carpet installation which don’t fulfil the requirements for low emission adhesives (e. g. EC1+). [>>]
Our Plextol DS 155 is a high solid acrylic dispersion designed for ultra-low VOC flooring adhesive, which shows high tack and quick grab without usage of any tackifier.

Above that Synthomer offers a broad range of low VOC, APEO-free binders specifically developed for construction adhesives. These binders are used in applications like adhesives for carpets, PVC-flooring, linoleum and rubber.

Product Features

    • Binders for EC1+ flooring adhesives

    • Low VOC

    • High durability and aging stability

    • Optimized balance of adhesion and cohesion

    • High solid content for fast drying

    Product Overview

    Plextol DS 155

    Ultra-low VOC acrylic dispersion for flooring adhesives.

    Plextol D 335
    Soft universal Acrylic dispersion for carpet & rubber adhesives.

    Plextol E 303
    Acrylic dispersion with high plasticizer resistance & fast drying rate for PVC flooring

    Lipaton SB 2540
    High solid SBR latex for alkaline resistance carpet adhesives