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Durable low emission binders for high quality exterior paints and plasters

Synthomer offers a broad range of binders specifically developed for high quality exterior paints and plasters. The product range offers solutions for each market area, over a broad Tg range and various curing mechanisms - including binders for topcoat plasters or paints with excellent exterior durability and a high level of dirt pick up resistance. [>>]
The longer renovation intervals lead to reduced carbon-footprint and lower maintenance costs. We also offer binders for exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) applications, from panel adhesives to reinforcement plasters.

Product Features

•  Low VOC binders for long life masonry paints, plasters and EIFS

•  Self- and UV-crosslinkable acrylic dispersions for elastic coatings with high level of dirt pick up resistance

•  Excellent weather resistance

Product Overview

Plextol UltraGreen 3852
Acrylic dispersion with high water and alkali resistance, outdoor durability, ammonia free

Plextol D 512
Acrylic dispersion with excellent outdoor stability 

Axilat L 3851
Acrylic dispersion for façade and outdoor mosaic plasters, with excellent blanching resistance

Axilat D 2610
Multipurpose acrylic dispersion with excellent wet adhesion

Plextol R 100
Acrylic dispersion with good flexibility and durability

Plextol R 5512
Low Tg cross-linkable acrylic binder for crack bridging wall paints with high flexibility across a wide temperature range and low dirt pickup

Plextol D 977
UV-curing acrylic binder for elastomeric cool roof and wall coatings with excellent mechanical properties and low dirt pick up

Emultex VV 675
Vinyl acetate/versatate copolymer for durable exterior masonry paints, high water alkali/water resistance, excellent durability.